Heat Pump Installers UK

What to consider when seeking an installation partner for Ground Source
Heat Pumps & Air Source Heat Pumps.


Heat Pump Installers UK

What to consider when seeking an installation partner for Ground Source Heat Pumps & Air Source Heat Pumps.


Heat Pump Installers in the UK

Installing a heat pump is a complicated procedure and not one that the average person should consider undertaking alone. This where the professionals come in, and Franck Energy will manage the whole survey and installation process from start to finish.

Selecting an installer can be a challenge in itself. This is what you need to consider:

  • The heat pump system and the company that supplies and installs it should be registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Most installers will proclaim their certification status in their marketing or on their website, but if you are unsure, you can call the installation company and ask for their registration number. A quick check in the MCS database will tell you whether they truly are registered there.
  • Check that your chosen company is a member of REAL, which stands for Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd. Membership of this scheme guarantees that the installer and any subcontractors have agreed to abide by stringent codes of practice for customer care, before, during and after an installation. Once again, you can check the membership status of your chosen company online.
  • Check that the company is a member of a recognised Trade Association such as the UK's Heat Pump Association (HPA).
  • Get an up-to-date Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your home. This rates your residence according to various energy efficiency criteria.
  • Your insulation levels should meet the criteria specified by the UK's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).
  • The installation company should conduct a site survey of your home.
  • Ensure that you obtain a written quote from the installation company.
  • Check the company's past performance by asking for written testimonials from previous projects.
  • Set out your expectations for the work to be performed in writing, and provide the installation company with a copy.
  • Check that the installation conforms to the permitted development rights associated with your property. If not, sufficient planning permission must be sought.

Franck Energy will take care of this complex process for you. Here are the benefits of calling us:

  1. We know that each building is different, as are the heating needs of each family. Our services enable you to easily compare the products and technologies available in order to find the heating solution that is best suited to your specific home and heating needs.
  2. Our friendly team guides you through every stage of what can sometimes be a complicated process, supporting you in surveying the wider market in order to find the ideal supplier of the particular technology you are interested in.
  3. We help to minimise stress through our consultative and individualised approach. Our services could be compared to a concierge or matchmaking service, as we work tirelessly to find the perfect match between the new heating system you require and local companies who are able to assess your home, tailor, supply and install the system in your home. Our dedicated team assist you every step of the way, removing obstacles and stress from the process and ensuring that you end up with the ideal heat pump for your individual home as quickly and as painlessly as possible.
  4. We understand that installing a new heat pump can be an unexpected expense that you might not have budgeted for in your yearly household finances. That is why we also offer advice and information on a range of funding and finance options that could ensure that you do not need to wait before ordering and installing your new heating system.

Whether you are building from scratch, refurbishing, or simply need a replacement heating system installed, we remove the stress from this difficult and confusing process.