About Us

I want to go green, but where do I start?

How do I assess my property for renewable energy?

Do I qualify for government subsidies?

We make amazing green technologies available to everyone by answering these questions.

The Franck Energy team guides you through technical decisions, helping you discover the perfect renewable energy solution for your property. Our experience will save you time and money, and ensures your installation project runs without a hiccup.

“As a child growing up in Sweden, I was surrounded by green energy. Heat pumps, solar panels, and biomass boilers were commonplace. My parents had a heat pump, and my uncle’s system had been running for over 20 years. The UK is catching up, and I’m proud to be involved with a cleaner and greener future for Britain.” - Marcus Franck

The team at Franck Energy has embraced our founder's Scandinavian values, and together we aim to build a world with no carbon emissions. Everybody can do their bit, and we’re here to make the process easier and cheaper for residents, and more beneficial for the environment.

Contact us today for more information about switching to renewables.