Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

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Why not harness the sun’s energy to power your home?

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Solar panels are attached to a roof surface that is ideally south facing to ensure maximum exposure to sunlight. They absorb the sun’s radiation, creating an electrical current that is transferred into the building’s mains electricity supply. Any surplus power is channelled away from the building and into the national grid.

Solar PV is a clean technology with no CO2 emissions or fuel costs, so you will be contributing to the environment as well as reducing your electricity bill.

The cost of installing a standard sized system is currently around £5,500. The system will save you money in two ways:


  • Firstly, if you use your electrical appliances during the daylight hours you can expect to reduce your electricity bill by 50%.
  • Secondly, the government subsidy scheme the Feed-In-Tariff provides an index linked tax free cash payment for every unit of electricity that your system generates. The cash payments are made by a utility company on a quarterly basis for 25 years.


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