What is the price of a ground source heat pump?

If you’ve been looking into becoming more renewable, you’ve probably already heard of ground source heat pumps (GSHPs). The systems rely on burying pipes in the garden to extract heat from the ground which can be used to heat radiators,…

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Will My Landlord Allow Me To Install Renewable Energy?

Many people think that installing renewable energy is only an option for people who own the house that they live in. Luckily, that’s a misconception – although you will, of course, need permission from your landlord if you want to make any structural alterations.

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Infographic: Renewable Energy Statistics For 2017

Despite this being an uncertain time for climate change advocates and renewable energy proponents, the broad statistics are very encouraging. We’ve put the following infographic together by using data from reputable sources covering developments in 2015 and 2016.


If you’d like to feature this infographic on renewable energy facts for 2017, please contact us on Twitter today and…

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An Interview with Kilian Pender: CEO of The Green Deal Finance Company

In 2012, The Green Deal was established by the government to supply affordable loans to homeowners and landlords in the UK. It was designed to help finance green energy and efficiency initiatives, and aid Britain’s shift towards more a sustainable and environmentally-aware society. In late 2016,

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Should I Install Renewable Energy At Home?

An Introduction To Renewable Energy Technology

In 2016 the UK hit a major milestone, as 50% of electricity was produced by low carbon or renewable sources. With many people wishing to save money and help the environment, installing renewable energy technology at home is one way in which we can shape the green future of the country.

But should you install renewables in your home?

The Renewable Heat…

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17 Basic Tips For Energy Efficiency In The Home

Advice For Home Energy Efficiency

With gas and electricity prices consistently increasing, energy efficiency and adopting a greener approach is high on many people’s agenda in the UK.

Of course, optimising your tariff can make a big difference to utility bills, but using your supply efficiently also reduces your carbon footprint and saves you money. Overall energy efficiency improves your home’s eco credentials,…

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