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How it Works

There are many different biomass systems and a variety of different fuel feed and delivery options available. The range is extensive and we can supply everything from an integrated fuel store to manually fill with wood pellets, to auger fed for bulk storage solutions. However, the most popular solution is to vacuum-feed wood pellets from a remote, bulk fuel store.

Integrated Fuel Store

Within each boiler is a integrated fuel store, which can hold enough wood pellets for several days of heating. A suction module can be retrofitted later on if you prefer, which gives you the comfort of knowing that you have options further down the road.
How it Works

Auger-Fed Fuel Store

Auger-Fed Fuel Store exist in different sizes, which can feed wood pellets between 1.8 and 5 metres. This gives you the flexibility to install a large, bespoke fuel store for bulk deliveries. The fuel store can be located in the room which the boiler is installed in or a room adjacent to the boiler. In both cases, the boiler would be separated from the fuel store by a fire-resistant wall.
How it Works

Vacuum Fed System

An alternative solution is for wood pellets to be delivered into the boiler via a vacuum suction system. This offers great reliability, flexibility and the ability to transfer wood pellets over distance. These systems can transport wood pellets up to 15 metres from the fuel store. This gives the homeowner more options as to the location of the fuel store, whether it is next to the boiler, in a separate building or even in an underground store in your garden.
How it Works


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