Domestic Battery Storage for Solar PV

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Everyone is familiar with the concept of a battery, but what about a battery that is powerful enough to provide electricity for a whole building? What might sound like a far-fetched dream is actually a new technology available to domestic homeowners today. And the best thing is that the production of energy to charge the battery is often absolutely free, as it is usually linked to a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel or other electricity-generating asset.


Nowadays, many homes are equipped with solar panels. However, capturing sunlight with a view to powering home appliances is an imperfect system due to the mismatch between a typical home's energy needs (greatest in the early morning and evening) and the availability of sunlight (strongest in the middle of the day). A battery storage system offers a simple remedy for this problem by allowing energy to be stored during the day and then used at other times. It works through the installation of a large battery pack, which is connected to an electricity-generating asset, such as solar PV. The battery is charged up when the flow of electricity from the asset exceeds the building’s demand for power. The battery is then discharged when the building’s demand for electricity exceeds the asset’s production of it. In the case of a solar PV, this would occur during the evening and night when no electricity is generated. 


The advantages of domestic battery storage clearly revolve around reconciling the mismatch between a household's power needs and the availability of electricity generated by a solar PV or other source. A battery enables a much greater proportion of the electricity produced by a generative asset to be used within the building, thereby reducing the building’s demand from the grid. Needless to say, this is usually cheaper for the residents of the building in which the battery is installed, even after the initial purchase and installation costs of the battery pack have been taken into account. 


The other advantage revolves around the renewability of the power generated. As mentioned, battery storage packs are usually connected to a solar PV, which uses renewable solar energy to charge the battery. In the modern world, governments and individuals alike are under pressure to reduce energy use and increase the proportion of energy gained from renewable sources. Some countries such as Iceland and Paraguay have already achieved close to 100% renewable energy. Although the UK still has a long way to go, every home that manages to reduces its demand on the electricity grid contributes to the goal of maintaining a greener world for our children to inherit. 


Battery storage packs are available in various forms and use different technologies. Size-wise, they range in size from the size of a microwave to the size of a washing machine. They will therefore easily fit into a cellar or utility room without taking too much extra space. Installation typically takes just one day, but it is important to consider the type of battery you need based on the type of electricity-generating assets that are associated with your house, as well as the general power needs of your household. Other factors such as specifics of your building and the climate of your surroundings may play a part in whether a battery storage pack will prove useful for your household and what size and type of technology would be best suited to your situation. 


On the practical side, the costs and effort associated with installation will vary according to the unique layout and conditions in your home. When it comes to maintenance, it is important to keep the boiler or stove clean and free of ash. However, biomass burners are generally very efficient so the ash volume is low and will not need to be emptied more than once a day, and usually far more infrequently. Storage of the fuel must be in a dry place to avoid the pellets disintegrating.


If you are seriously considering installing a biomass boiler or stove, we at Franck energy can offer knowledgeable and friendly help and advice. We can support you from the start in assessing what type of biomass solution would be the best fit for your unique living conditions and budget, as well as helping you to sift through suppliers and installers. Let us take the stress out of your decision to save money and live a more renewable life. Contact our friendly team today for an initial consultation.


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