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Our Mission

I want to go green but where do I start?

How do I assess my property?

Do I qualify for subsidies?

The process of finding the right technology, manufacturer and installer can be very complicated.

We want to make these amazing new technologies available to everyone by answering all these difficult questions for you.

Franck Energy is here to guide you through these technical decisions and find the right renewable energy solution for your property. With our experience we can save you both time and money.

Our Background

“Growing up in Sweden where renewable energy is widespread, I was well aware of technologies like heat pumps. My parents had one; so did my uncle who lived down the street which he proudly proclaimed had been running for over 20 years.” - Marcus Franck

The team at Franck Energy has embraced our Founder and CEO's Scandinavian values, and vow to bring energy efficiency to the UK. Together we want to build a cleaner world, by focusing on providing simplicity to the customer experience.-->